Coretronic intelligent robotics - Unmanned Forklifts

Coretronic smart warehousing integration application

The complexity of warehousing and supply chains continues to increase,

You need to build the most agile warehouse center:

Task execution is more efficient, accurate and interconnected.

Combined with intelligent analysis, we will create new services with you!

Smart warehousing software

and hardware integration

Coretronic CIRC research and develop fully autonomous mobile robot AMR, provide solutions for unmanned forklifts and trucks; combine with the intelligent logistics of Coretronic CiLS logistics intelligent team to analyze the basic operation process of customers from restocking, warehousing, picking to delivery, and tailoring the most advanced warehousing software and hardware integration services that are in line with plant benefits. Flexible intelligent storage planning also provides plant construction consulting, shelf configuration and safety design, maximum storage space calculation, and fully automated/human-machine collaboration plant design services.

Intelligent warehouse management platform



  • The lWMS-Lite warehouse management system controls the usage status and records of entry and exit, storage space, goods, and vehicles, and connects with ERP information to ensure the correctness of the linkage relationship between accounts.
  • Import storage location optimization calculation module to efficiently and automatically assign incoming and outgoing tasks and storage locations based on warehouse utilization strategy and product portfolio relevance.

Fleet Management


  • The fleet management of autonomous forklifts and automated guided vehicles uses the best handling strategy for multi-vehicle task planning and distribution.
  • The simple, friendly and easy-to-use man-machine interface can quickly schedule tasks, and all vehicle conditions and task execution status are clearly visible.
  • Connecting orders with inbound and outbound information so the system can arrange tasks automatically while error-proofing, greatly reducing processing time.

Real-time tracking system


  • Identify goods through RFID, one-dimensional/two-dimensional bar code and sensor technology, and clearly grasp the location and status of materials, semi-finished products, finished products, vehicles, etc.
  • It can be checked on a computer or mobile device, increasing the efficiency of incoming and outgoing goods, managing inventory turnover, improving the accuracy of picking, and completely connecting the information of each site.

Integrated layout of virtual reality and logistics intelligence upgrade

  • Adjust storage space according to incoming orders.
  • Task assignment: Use AI to help robots find the most efficient picking route.
  • Task Execution: the robot automatically picks up the goods according to the route.
  • Smart packaging and shipment: According to the product type, quantity, size and weight, select the most suitable packaging box type.

Warehousing IoT | Improve efficiency and reduce risk.

  • Data visualization management: Managers can immediately grasp the order, storage utilization rate, incoming and outgoing volume, and the fleet’s execution of picking tasks.
  • Storage environment factor control: Use sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and other conditions to prevent qualitative changes in goods.
  • Cargo security monitoring: Provide tracking of system data and logistics information and cooperate with the deployment of factory security cameras to prevent theft, forgery or damage to goods.

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