Integrative thinking
Precise deployment for Industry 4.0

CiLS uses OT (Operational technology) machinery to connect with IT (Information Technology) systems resulting in a digital transformation.

CiLS All-round networking can actualize intelligent manufacturing in three aspects: (1) Production line monitoring and predictive maintenance. (2) automated warehouse management (3) Real-time control of production KPIs

Smart Manufacturing

  • Cobot or Co-robot

  • Production Information Integration System

  • Intelligent Order Planning System

  • Predictive Equipment Maintenance

  • Automatic and real-time capture, transmission and integration of equipment information

  • Smart digital wall displays.

  • Abnormal warning, environmental monitoring, work order completion rate, electronic work manual

  • Staff at all levels effectively manage production.

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Reducing the downtime during product finalization and minimizing transport fees

  • Product transportation line design

  • Vehicles and work orders are automatically bound, and the location and status are updated in real time.

  • Docking with WMS-Lite system, real-time and accurate information.

  • Intelligent optimization of handling tasks

  • Cross-floor material transfer (control elevator)

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information Control center

Production transparency, data visualization and analysis

  • Production history

  • Equipment efficiency

  • Quality traceability

  • Real time product line tracking

  • Video surveillance security

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Why choose us to be your SI vendor

Maximize investment benefits.

Cost, efficiency and benefits after the introduction of digital transformation are the first considerations for CiLS to plan solutions for customers.

Automated process design

While importing automation peripheral equipment in the factory, CiLS integrates electromechanics and information, and automatic handling robots help to connect the entire factory automation process in series.

Integrating cooperative resources

Connect third-party manufacturers and agents, plan to connect conveyor belts, loading and unloading machines, automatic labeling machines, etc. The goal is to provide customers with all-round integration services of electromechanics, institutions, automation, and information.

All-round interconnection

Human-to-human, human-machine collaboration, machine networking, smart services, four levels of interconnection, implementing virtual and real integration, and actualize smart factories.

Real-time process analysis

Analyze the production process in real time and discover key problems, so that the factory managers can check the quality of the finished products and the cost of production.

Maintenance customer service team

CiLS is an integrator of smart manufacturing solutions and is looking forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers to create a win-win situation together.