Grasping the benefits of digitization

The Internet of Things has become the foundation of all service applications. CiLS brings together the key technologies of smart terminals and combines AI data science to realize a digital economy in the logistics and manufacturing industries.

System integration service: integrate several advanced technologies to activate the core capabilities of the enterprise.

Ushering in a new era of digitization: device serial communication, data flow, and machine learning build the foundation of smart manufacturing and smart logistics. The CiLS intelligent expert team integrates and adapts technology, cloud services and intelligent machines to the needs of customers' factories.

Digital paperless

electronic document management, electronic logistics label, e-sign for materials

Data Collection

Identify logistics status through RFID, 1D/2D barcode and sensor technology.

Private cloud construction

system platform to build private cloud architecture and data visualization.

Intelligent Robot

AMR autonomous mobile robots, can easily carry goods of more than 2 tons, and can identify various pallets and goods of different specifications.

Intelligent sensing

MEMS thin-film piezoelectric technology development, with performance advantages such as small size, instrument-level high precision, and anti-interference to temperature/stress.


The Artificial Intelligence of Things: machine networking, machine learning and deep learning models

Providing intelligent solutions

CiLS's AIoT scalability application module is a key challenge for the intelligentization of manufacturing equipment and logistics centers, creating highly flexible production efficiency and cross-domain visual management.

Learn how we will upgrade and transform the industry.

CiLS has practical experience in the digital transformation of its parent company, Coretronics' global factories, and then guides factory customers to realize digital and intelligent production and assists in adjusting the corporate fitness step by step to move towards the intelligentization of the factory.


CiLS focuses on smart manufacturing and smart logistics, using new technology innovation create solutions. The professional team has a solid industrial know-how and will carefully look for operational pain-points for your factory area. We understand the limitations of traditional manufacturing plants and logistics fields and how to optimize the value of your products. CiLS looks forward to opening new opportunities for the digital transformation of the logistics industry. We will provide the most flexible and economical application solutions.

Real-time control of production logistics and seize market opportunities

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Coretronics Intelligent Logistics (CiLS) is the fifth subsidiary of Coretronics Group dedicated to digital transformation. The group alliance enables us to provide customers with more innovative and value-added services.

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