(Coretronic Intelligent Logistics Solutions Corporation,CiLS) Founded in 2021. CiLS extends the innovative spirit of Coretronic Group’s process technology and technological services and is committed to becoming the preferred software and hardware integration partner for the transformation of manufacturing and logistics industries. The CiLS team has the capabilities to indroduce dozens of factories and including the warehousing systems inside and outside. Our services focus on “How innovative digital technologies can enable customers to generate innovative value” and the vision is “Become a leader in digital transformation solutions and services.” It is expected that the solutions we provide can bring new changes and insights into business strategies for customers, possess the synergy of data, innovation, and technology, and maximize operational benefits.

CiLS originated from the intelligent manufacturing business unit of China Optoelectronics. Under the cultivation of the group’s parent company, Coretronic, CiLS has assisted the group in integrating systematic production and operation management since 2003: electronic operation process and digital manufacturing. Connecting equipment, production lines and factory logistics through IoT technology and communication protocols, complete production information allows managers to effectively arrange equipment production lines, personnel and material control; advanced integration of production and environment, deployment of sensors to control equipment. Our tried and tested manufacturing experience has enabled us to provide the ability to meet the production needs of major international factories and achieve immediate feedback production tasks, forming a closer network relationship with our partners. In response to the global local manufacturing trend, CiLS connects the information flow of Coretronic’s manufacturing and operating bases across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and opens the key to smart manufacturing through big data analysis; modularization of factory processes is expected to be the most efficient and economical while coordinating raw materials and production capacity to achieve high-flexibility production. CiLS’ production efficiency and production scale of the group makes it a capable part of the Coretronic Group.

Driven by the rapid growth of the automation industry, Coretronic Group initiated the development of logistics upgrades in the manufacturing industry to bridge the information gap between factory production links and logistics management: the construction of a global C2M inventory scheduling system, the independent transportation of production line materials and finished products, and the competition of smart orders and rapid shipment Advantage. CiLS smart technology is based on Coretronic global supply chain, rich factory experience combined with group subsidiary Coretronic MEMS Corporation (CMC) and Coretronic Intelligent Robotic Corpration (CIRC) to jointly create “smart manufacturing solutions” and “smart logistics solutions.” The competitiveness of the Coretronic brand and the combined experience of the Coretronic Group, redefines the manufacturing logistics value chain for customer needs